Customer Service Secrets

customer service secrets, how to unlock great customer service, getting what you need, customer service agent, policies, procedures, rules, attitudes, listen, humanity, humanEvery single person should work in customer service at least once in their lives. Whether it be within a contact center environment or behind a till, it should be a right of passage for everyone. You will never learn more about people and how they should be treated until you’ve been on the receiving end.

My first job was as a customer service agent for an online gaming support centre based in Sea Point. We offered 24/7 support for 11 online casinos with players from the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. I did that for 3.5 years. It turned me into the resourceful, pro active and problem solving person I am today.

Customer Service Secrets

Customer service agents are often on the receiving end of a lot of frustration and venting but we are people too. If you are going to rant at someone, you need to understand that it won’t guarantee that you will get the best service. Sure, you may feel better after you have screamed at someone but please remember that you are actually talking to another human being and, just like you, that human being is well, human.

However, if you choose to take a deep breath before you make that call and take the time to listen, you may be able to take a short cut to a solution that will actually work in your favour.

All companies work within a framework of policies and procedures and, every customer service agent worth their salt knows how to work within that system. Yes, I know how frustrating it is to call a human robot who is so attached to their script that it’s like getting blood from a stone, but there are people within that company who have torn up the script and can offer some actual assistance. You just need to reach those people. They are usually sitting in the retentions department.

10 ways to unlock awesome Customer Service

      1. When in doubt, ask. Don’t assume. Rather pick up the phone or read the FAQs before you go ahead and hit “Pay Now”.
      2. Talk to the human on the other end of the phone like a human. Not your personal slave
      3. If someone has messed up, take a deep breath and work with the agent to find the most effective solution to the problem. Screaming doesn’t make anything happen faster.
      4. Where possible, put your question, complaint or suggestion down in writing. Give it an hour and then follow up with a call. Ask the agent if they can search for your email using your email address and then give them 5 minutes to read it.
      5. Speak slowly. Not because you are dealing with idiots but because the agent is probably multi-tasking to try and get through a mountain of work. It takes a around 30 seconds to get the gist of your query so that ypu can be helped.
      6. Have your order, cellphone or reference number ready
      7. Give the agent a chance to answer your question and listen to what they are saying
      8. Ask when you can expect to receive feedback about your query and make a note of the agents name.
      9. Follow up with another phone call preferably about an hour after they said they would get back to you.
      10. In a perfect world, everything would go perfectly every time. Accept the fact that things don’t always go smoothly and matters need to be escalated. Where possible, give yourself a little extra time in case something goes wrong.

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  1. Natalie Johnson

    July 21, 2017 at 11:34 am

    Excellent article. I wish there were more platforms to share this particular blog so more people can read it. I’m in that place now where you were in your first job – in my case it is hopefully my last before I’m in full retirement. The only difference between your job and mine is the clients who speak to me don’t realise that I’m actually 50 something and not 20 something i.e this is not my first job and I am not a child either.

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