Gooi and Enjoy with Paperkutz

gooi and enjoy, paperkutz, lazer cutting, lazer, engraving, cooking, make a recipe, gamr, recipe, fun, tami magnin, rumtumtiggsA few weeks ago I was contacted to find out if I’d be interested in receiving a #GooiAndEnjoy kit to try out and review and I said yes. The kit arrived with a personalized wooden spoon, a lazer engraved spoon rest with an owl (my latest obsession) and a R100 voucher from Pick n Pay to get me started. BTW: PR Agencies – this is a great example to follow!!

Gooi and Enjoy with Paperkutz

I started playing with the kit immediately but no matter how often I rolled the blocks, I ended up with turnips as part of the suggested combo. I don’t like turnips and especially when they are meant to be in a meal with eggs/cheese and bread. So, I cheated. I flipped the block over and it landed on baby marrows. Then I flipped the egg/cheese block over (a few times) until it landed on beef. That’s more like it. Then I pretended bread was pasta and I was closer to what I was craving. The cooking method landed on steam and I thought to myself, I’m sure it meant to land on bake.

I popped down to my local PnP to pick up what I needed. Beef strips, linguine, baby marrows, tomatoes and yogurt. I had rosemary in my garden and I decided to throw some paprika into the mix. I fried up some onion and dusted the beef in some seasoned (30ml flour, 5ml salt, 5ml paprika) flour. I added that to the pan with some finely chopped marrows and stirred until the meat started to brown. I deglazed the pan with some white wine then added the tomatoes and a Knorr vegetable stock pot. I added a can of water and seasoned well. I placed the lid on the pot and placed it in a preheated oven to bake for 40 minutes at 190 degrees celcius. About 10 minutes before the time was up I cooked the pasta. Once I removed the pot from the oven I stirred in 250ml full cream Bulgarian yogurt and some finely chopped rosemary and adjusted the seasoning again. I stirred the sauce into the cooked pasta and served it to my family.

gooi and enjoy, paperkutz, lazer cutting, lazer, engraving, cooking, make a recipe, gamr, recipe, fun, tami magnin, rumtumtiggsMaybe I shouldn’t have cheated as much as I did and found a way to incorporate the turnips. I might just do that next time and play WAAAAYYYY out of my comfort zone. But hey, no judgies until you try it for yourself. I’ll do it if you will… 😉

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