Holy Grail

Here’s the deal, we need to find a place to stay before 1 December and, anyone who has looked at the price of properties in Cape Town will know that finding somewhere to stay that is safe and quiet, while working with a stupidly small budget, would have more luck finding the actual Holy Grail.

You see, we used to have our feet on the property market ladder but then we made the choice to sell in order to not die of anxiety while drowning in debt. My thinking was, people lose their houses all the time, and since I’m already on that trajectory, why not pre empt what I can, and do some damage control so, for the first time in my life, I did something properly irresponsible. We sold the house and then road tripped around South Africa on the profits.

And what do I have to show for it? Just this little family travel blog and the first 5000 words of a wannabe book, which, when you come right down to it, is literally nothing. Cue the violins while I curl up into a ball and comfort rock myself to sleep in a corner. (But seriously though, no sympathy needed! Thanks.)

In search of The Holy Grail

Just before I let go of the property ladder, I was sitting with a bond that was no were near the R20 000 per month, people are asking for when they want to rent out their 3 bedroom houses. If I had R20 000 per month to spend on housing, I’m pretty sure I would qualify for a bond, actually. However, just like anyone else who is making ends meet on a single income would know, banks aren’t exactly lining up to show you the money. So you’re screwed, really.

Given the hopeless tone of this post, I guess you can see why I haven’t had the urge to blog in ages. I mean, who really needs to know how little sleep I’m getting and how much I’m stressing? I have actually written a million blog posts in my head over the last few weeks, some have even made it onto paper but they are a little too raw to see the light of day. Yes, even more raw than this one.

The thing is, I know how many awesome and caring people read my blog and I know how much you will want to help. I love and appreciate every single one of you. And as much as I will take your love and support, I would really prefer not be on the receiving end of your sympathy. I know you mean well, but I’m not writing this so that people can feel sorry for me.

What would be really helpful is if you could keep an ear to the ground for me. If you have any friends or family members that would like to have their house taken care of for an extended period and are happy for someone to just be in the house while they are gone, maybe you could put us in touch with them. Our budget may be small but it isn’t nothing so, if they are willing to accept a the offer of us covering their fairly small bond repayment, it would be ideal.

We would love to stay in the Southern Suburbs so anywhere from Diep River to Muizenberg would be great. A 3 bedroom house or flat would be perfect for us and I promise we won’t trash the place. Would you do that, please? Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Even though it’s really hard for me to believe it at the moment, I know God is in control and He has provided for us time and time again. While I feel like I’m opening myself up for a lot a gossip and whispered conversations, I am posting this because I feel like not talking about it isn’t helping either. (Asking for help is my kryptonite so please, be kind).

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