Kidlo Coding Games: Coding for Kids

I’ve been thinking about the content that we are taught at school and trying to wrap my head around the reason why we are taught and tested on those particular components of knowledge. I mean, why are we taught about mitochondria? And what’s up with algebra? More curious is the idea that we are scored on our knowledge of these topics and get awarded if we remember more than our peers.

What is the meaning of those awards? Is there a point to being a “straight A student” unless you want to go to university so that you can study some more, and hopefully earn yourself a qualification that won’t guarantee you a job?

After 2 years of “doing home school” I am still finding the need to constantly adapt and evolve to find the best solution for my kids. Reading and maths is a given. Those are currently the only 2 non negotiable basics. History, Geography and science? well…those are a little more tricky to get sorted out simply because there is so much to learn about. Where do you start? If I’d like to teach my kids about clouds, for example, I would rather teach them everything from the way clouds are formed (how to read them) to understanding tornadoes and cyclones. That alone will take a few years and then that is just clouds.

Kidlo Coding Games: Coding for Kids

Suffice to say, we fall off the wagon often. One thing I have introduced to them is Kidlo Coding Games. Even though it is very basic (and more suited to younger kids), the kids are getting used to the idea of breaking a task down into smaller components so that they can instruct the app on how to move a helicopter from one side of the screen to the heliport on the other side.

Or how to pour a smoothie for a monkey who has asked for specific flavours in a particular order. So far it is mainly along the lines of right, pour, right right, pour, left pour and right right and then execute, but the kids are addicted to it. All things considered, I can think of far worse things for them to be addicted to.

Check out the app here. In my opinion it is well worth the spend and you can rest assured that your kids are actually learning something useful every time they get hold of your phone.

Disclaimer: I was invited to check out this app in exchange for a review. All thoughts, words and other brain related things are my own.

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