Peppermint Patties

how to make peppermint patties, mint candy, peppermint, chocolate, mint bark, Christmas treats, edible gifts, choc mint, tami magnin, rumtumtiggs, xmasOne of my favourite sweet flavour combinations is mint and dark chocolate. Peppermint choc chip ice cream has always been the 1st choice for me and mint crisp chocolate (although that is usually milk chocolate) is the one thing I find easy to enjoy in moderation. This means that after dinner mints like After 8’s are a special treat on festive occasions but mint creams will do just fine when the budget is tight.

Peppermint patties are incredibly easy to make and they use just 4 pantry staple ingredients. If you battle to find mint extract in the supermarket you might have to pop in to a baking shop and invest in a bottle. This extract is potent though and will last you a very long time.

Peppermint Patties – makes 60-80 sweets

397g full cream sweetened condensed milk

1250-1500ml icing sugar, sifted

2.5-5ml mint extract

1 drop green gel food colouring (optional)

500g good quality dark chocolate

Fit your stand mixer with a paddle or k-beater attachment and place condensed milk and extract into the large bowl. Turn the mixer onto its lowest setting and add 3 cups of icing sugar. As the mixture starts to come together add the rest of the icing sugar but depending on what you will do use only what you need. To make choc mint bark you will want it creamier and spreadable rather than very firm. For individual patties want it to be stiffer than you think as this melts very quickly when you are working with it.

If you want to make individual sweets, roll the mixture into logs (I made about 3 large rolls) and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill in the fridge until you are ready to slice into rounds or break off pieces and roll in your hands then dip in melted chocolate. I melted down 200g of chocolate at at time and managed to cover about 24 sweets.

The cheat or lazy way of getting this done is to melt about half of the chocolate and spread it out on a silicon mat/baking paper covered large baking tray. Allow to set before spreading filling mixture across the top. In this instance you will want the mixture to be less firm so use 250ml less icing sugar. Allow to set in the fridge before topping with the remaining melted chocolate. This can be chopped or broken into pieces for more of a rustic sweet treat.


  1. Tandy | Lavender and Lime

    December 13, 2013 at 6:00 am

    These must be seriously sweet! I use peppermint essential oil :)

    1. rumtumtiggs

      December 13, 2013 at 9:33 am

      Yes, they are pretty intense but best eating chilled for that fresh mouth feel :) xx

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