Salted Caramel and Banana Swiss Roll

salted caramel swiss roll, swiss roll, sponge cake, caramel sponge, carmel cake, caramel banana cake, tami magnin, rumtumtiggsWhat a week! Everything I’ve made over the past few days has turned out to be not blog worthy. I can’t help but hate the waste. Generally speaking I have managed to blog most things I’ve made over the past year but when the lemon meringue  goes too dark (ahem! get’s burned) or the muffins just aren’t wow then I can’t waste your time by expecting you to read about it. Can you please tell me about the New York style coffee cake crumb muffin? I tried to make it yesterday but I was less than impressed. Surely I did something wrong…?

Since I was determined to find a recipe that was worth blogging about and something I hadn’t successfully tackled before, my thoughts turned to that elusive swiss roll. I am very impatient so while my swiss roll attempts in the past have been perfectly edible, they ALWAYS crack and tear :(. I don’t have the patience to let it cool down enough to unroll it when it is cold. There is also something unyielding about a cold swiss roll which makes it awkward to spread caramel and cream onto.

Once again I was too eager to get eating and once again it cracked but then I thought, oh well, so what. There is nothing that I dusting of icing sugar can’t hide and as long as the salted caramel and banana swiss roll is delicious it won’t harm a soul ;). I tweaked fellow blogger Anina’s recipe and you can find it here.

For my favourite homemade salted caramel recipe please click here.

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