The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers

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The circus is in town. Now, before you get ready to throw paint at me, The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers circus is 100% animal free. Hooray! That is something I am so ready to support. You see, my thinking is, if you encourage more people to support shows and events where animals aren’t used as entertainment, the stronger these companies will become which will give them more opportunity to bring their shows to Cape Town and discourage the more traditional travelling circus from setting up camp.

The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers

We headed out to Fish Hoek this past weekend and navigated our way past a soccer match in full swing to see what The Grifizzi Brothers had in store for us. It is flippen cold in Cape Town at the moment so we made sure we were all dressed warmly before we went exploring. Parents may not find the idea of sitting in a drafty tent very appealing but it was lovely. It’s not a very big Big Top but it made the show nicer to watch, actually. If you get there nice and early, you can even snag a bean bag to sit on, instead of one of the harder benches. If you’re not happy where you are sitting for the first half, hang in there. An interval arrives about 40 minutes into the show and it gives you the ideal opportunity to stretch your legs, grab some more snacks and pop to the loo (and then dash back inside to find a more comfy seat).

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The winter garden (which you can visit without a ticket) has a range of food trucks and restaurants you can enjoy while the kids get to learn about an old fashioned fire truck or have their face painted. We found the snacks and meals to be very well priced, with kids able to make about R30 stretch into some popcorn and a bag of candy floss or a rainbow lollipop. Adults could grab a waffle or tiramisu for about R60 or try something hearty from the food truck parked across the way, for around R75. There is even a lovely restaurant that has been set up against the backdrop of a bus, where you can sit down and eat a proper meal.

The show itself is lovely. Kids of all ages will enjoy it while the adults will be left stumped at some of the illusions that make up part of the show. We loved the aerialists as they performed stunning moves while telling the story of the moon. Music makes up a big part of the show and the vocalists kept everyone entertained through song while keeping the clowns in check.

There is a nice amount of audience participation where kids have the opportunity to get involved and become part of the show. It’s completely up to the child though, as no one is pressured one way or the other. You can click here to buy your tickets to watch The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers.

All in all, we had a great morning out and it is a great treat for the kids this holiday. Fish Hoek may seem like a long drive but, make a day of it and let me know what you thought. And in case you needed more incentive, you can enjoy R10 wine and beers between 4pm and 6pm. Just remember to book a taxi, k?

Disclaimer: I was offered tickets to a show in exchange for a blog post. All thoughts, words and pictures are my own and were not influenced by the organizer. I would never promote something I didn’t personally enjoy and think you’d be interested in too.


  1. Diana Studer

    July 7, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    Last year I was part of the protest against animals in circuses.
    Wonderful that this year the circus is performing people!

  2. Melissa Javan

    July 8, 2017 at 8:57 am

    Sounds like a lovely outing

  3. Melissa Javan

    July 8, 2017 at 8:57 am

    Sounds like a lovely outing

  4. Karl

    July 8, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Hi there,

    Cool lil article and gives a nice insite. My only issue is your 100% animal free statement.

    There may be no animals being used in the show, but there are LOADS of dead animals to order from their food sections.

    Also shows that do use animals take PRIDE in their animals and ensure their standard of animals care is at its best.

    Do not assume that just because you’ve an online clip of animals in circuses being illtreated that all animals in circus are handled in such way. In addition. But not supporting traditional circuses it causes them to suffer, and the animals will never be neglected, but it causes them to get rid of people, equating to unemployment.

    I trust to hear some sort of response.


    1. rumtumtiggs

      July 19, 2017 at 8:33 pm

      Hi Karl, thanks for your input. I didn’t reach my conclusion simply by watching a video on the internet, I used my brain. Animals are meant to stay wild. Whether you are teaching a poodle to dance on it’s hind legs and then doing the same to an elephant, neither of these are ethical. Animals should be allowed to be themselves, not act like something else.

      I’m okay with the fact that my lack of support for animal based circuses may lead to the death of the business. No matter how “well” these circuses treat their animals, at some point they are herded back into cages so that the circus can move on. The animals aren’t given the choice. If you need to use an animal in your “act” then you need to apply some more brain power to said act.

      Animals deserve to be treated the same way people are treated and given the freedom to choose whether they’d like to be part of the circus. I feel the same way about exotic parrots and reptiles being removed from the wild and being forced to be pets. It’s the same reason why I don’t support zoos and petting farms.

      With regard to the meat comment, each person has a choice as to what they are comfortable with when it comes to what they eat. I do my best to find out where my meat comes from but I also minimize how often I eat meat as much as possible. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice. It affects more than just what you put in your mouth and each person should be given the freedom to educate themselves and choose accordingly.

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