Yogurt and Condensed Milk Pudding

Yogurt and Condensed Milk Pudding, hot pudding, baked pudding, yogurt, yoghurt recipe, sweet treat for cold weather, tami magnin, rumtumtiggsAbout 2 weeks ago I finished a packet of Golden Cloud flour (again!). I think I bake so much these days that I go through about 5kg of flour, the same of sugar and about 2.5kgs of butter in a month. Such is the life of a baking blogger.

When I looked at the back of this packet of flour, there was a recipe for yogurt and condensed milk pudding. The ingredients list looked good and I made a plan to get some greek yogurt (which I don’t buy very often). I got that and then realized I’d forgotten to buy lemons, so it took another few days to get to the shop for that (actually with the amount of lemons I use I think I need to plant a tree).

Something that I remembered when I went shopping for yogurt reminded me that I always think that yogurt is sold in litres but it is actually sold in kilograms. Why does this matter? Well, this recipe needs 500ml of yogurt but 500g of yogurt does not equal 500ml! Did you know that? When I bought a 1kg container I used about 3/4’s of it to get to the 500ml mark on my measuring jug. So keep that in mind.

While I had 28 kiwi fruit sitting in my fridge, I decided to place 1 chopped up fruit in about 4 of the ramekins I filled just to see what it would taste like. It was delicious and I was glad I could compare the plain and the kiwi ones.

I thought this recipe would also give me the perfect opportunity to use my new Le Creuset ramekins that I bought with my voucher at the Good Housekeeping Bake Stars event as you can make it into one large pudding or lots of small ones (just remember to adjust the baking time). So, without any further ado, let me share the recipe with you.


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